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Streamline your recruitment processes and quickly go from point A to B. Need to fill a position quickly and efficiently? Looking to make your next career move?

Peritus Search Partners can help. We are dedicated to helping employers find their perfect candidates, and candidates find their perfect career. We only focus on candidates who are actively engaged in a job search, so you're not wasting your precious time trying to contact people who aren't interested. Unlike other contingency recruiting firms, Peritus Search Partners focuses on more than just specialties and geographic location preferences. During the job search, we will not only consider what candidates need to thrive, but their family needs, as well. This includes things like disabilities to accommodate, schooling needs, and childcare.

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Find your ideal provider career without wasted time.

One-on-One Search Assistance

Our team is dedicated to helping you find a career you love. You tell us what your preferences are (things like geographic location, specialty, and what year you're available to begin your new career), and we take that information and use it to give you personalized recommendations. Our highest priorities in helping you with your job search are work-life balance, geographic location, and compensation, so you're guaranteed to find a position you love.

Exclusive Career Opportunities

At Peritus Search Partners, you are our priority, and we want to give you the best service possible. That's why we give you access to the most exclusive job opportunities right after they hit the market, making your job search less daunting. Throughout the entire process, we will operate as an extension of you, giving you nothing shy of the best.

Get provider candidates without the gamble.

Less Liability

No hidden or up-front fees - we don't get paid until your position is filled and you're satisfied. To ensure that you receive a list of only the best-fit candidates for your open positions, we complete license and certification verification. This helps us maintain our dedication to quality over quantity.

Access to 1M+ Candidates

Because we have access to multiple proprietary real-time databases, you get access to a high number of candidates in a short amount of time. You will have a wide variety of highly-qualified candidates at your fingertips, helping to speed up the timeline of filling your open positions.

Quality and Efficiency

Fast is good, but efficient is better. We want to help you fill your positions as quickly as possible, but only with the candidates you deserve. We focus on quality over quantity, so while the average turnaround time to fill a position is 3-6 months, it will vary based on preferences from all parties.

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