Making job connections is what we do best.

Founded in the second half of 2021, Peritus Search Partners is a contingency search firm that aims to help employers and job seekers alike. Our goal is to help employers fill their open positions with only the best candidates while also helping candidates find their perfect opportunity.

With over 1 million providers at our fingertips, we are determined to find exactly what candidates like you are searching for. Unlike other contingency firms, we tailor our search to match exactly what you need. We take into account more than just your geographic preferences – we consider your family and their needs, too. This includes things like schools, disabilities that may need to be accommodated, and more.

If you're a job candidate, we will begin the process by gathering some information from you – things such as geographic preferences, specialty you're interested in, and the experience you already have. And don't worry – we will ensure that you have the work—life balance you want. If you are a client of ours, we will go through our list of candidates, match their preferences to that of your job description(s), and we will pass the list along to you. We only work with physicians who are actively seeking employment, so you aren't wasting your time contacting individuals who aren't interested.

Provider Search Process



Upon partnering with us, we get straight to work. Within 24 hours, your opportunity will be posted and a marketing campaign will be launched.



Time is precious, especially when it comes to recruiting. We will continually connect you with qualified candidates that are a perfect match for your facilities' outlined clinical and cultural needs. From sourcing to screening candidates daily, we look for the ideal skillset and experience, putting your needs first.



Once you have made your final connection with an ideal candidate, your search is complete. Yes, it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Ready to connect?

Let us help connect you with expert provider candidates or your next dream opportunity.