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How to Avoid Burnout

When you love your job, it can be easy to get caught up in your work and forget to take a break. Overworking yourself can result in burnout, which can turn into physical symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, stomach aches, anger, and more. If it gets severe enough, you can end up hospitalized. We've put together a list of things you can do to help yourself avoid burnout, in hopes that we can ease your mind, even just a little.

How to Avoid Burnout

Don't force yourself to do the work.

There will be times where you should force yourself to do the things you don't want to do, but this shouldn't occur when you're tired. There is a clear difference between just not wanting to do something because you're being lazy and not wanting to do something because you're drained as a result of your job. The more you force yourself to do these things, the more you'll resent yourself and those around you later on.

Take breaks.

It might seem like we're trying to keep you from doing your job, but really, we're trying to do the exact opposite. If you don't give yourself time to relax, you won't be able to do your job. Being a physician is hard work, and that's even more reason you should be taking care of yourself and giving yourself time off when your body is telling you that you should.

Check in with your mental health.

Even in 2021, mental health is still stigmatized, but you shouldn't be ashamed to check in and see how you're actually feeling. Your mental health is the single most important thing in this journey, and if you're not mentally well, then you can't help others be well. More than that, taking care of yourself doesn't just ensure that you can take care of yourself. Regardless of what your occupation is, it's important to remember that you should take care of yourself for yourself. You owe it to yourself to make sure that you are happy and healthy.

Make time for things you enjoy.

Finding time for things outside of your job can be difficult, but once you set a routine for yourself, it gets easier. You don't have to always do the same things in your free time; what matters is that you have free time. Your job may be something you enjoy, but after awhile, it can become repetitive, so it's imperative that you take time out of your days to do things you could enjoy. This could be as simple as sitting down to watch TV with your family or your friends, or it could be taking a day trip to explore somewhere you've never been before.

Don't take on everything yourself.

It's easy to see how taking this specific piece of advice could be difficult in the medical field, but you are on a team of doctors for a reason. One single person can't do everything themselves, and they shouldn't be expected to. Everyone deserves to have a break once in awhile, and that's why you are part of a team — so that everyone can take time to make sure they're okay.